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America's Best Home Workshops 2009...

Friday, September 18th, 2009


One evening, about a week or so after I completed transforming my garage into a workshop, I was surfing the Wood Magazine forum pages. I noticed a fellow woodworker had posted a thread asking for others to share pictures of their workshop. Since my garage makeover was completed I figured "sure, why not..." and posted a dozen or so images from around the shop.  


About 2 weeks later I received an e-mail from the Managing Editor at Wood Magazine asking if I would like to complete a formal submission for their 3rd annual America's Best Home Workshops special interest publication. I was honored to be considered so I again figured "sure, why not..." and began the process of completing the submission. The submission package included additional shop photos, general specifications and floor plan and electrical drawings (which I created using Microsoft Visio).


I was notified several weeks later that my shop was selected to be premiered in the 3rd annual America's Best Home Workshops publication. That was the start of a great experience that culminated in a wonderful 8-page article that contains several photographs and measured illustrations of a few of my specialty holders and fixtures. The process lasted about 9 months and I was fortunate to work with many great folks including the professional photograph, technical illustrator, professional writer and several staff members at Wood Magazine. It was truly a fun and interesting endeavor.


america's best home workshop magazine cover    

 Cover of

America's Best Home Workshops 2009

Special Interest Publication


If you have any questions or comments about this blog entry please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. Thanks and be safe when working with tools!!!




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Robert Burgoyne, also known as "Burgie", has been doing woodworking for nearly 30 years. He started learning at an early age in his grandfather's garage and continued while working with his father in construction. The hobby has now become a business with Creative Landscape Accents. Burgie builds  high quality woodworking projects for the outdoors and also enjoys making decorative accent pieces for inside the house. While not working in his shop doing woodworking Burgie enjoys computers, restoring his old 1964 Chevy C60 2-ton dump truck and riding his Harley-Davidson Road King throughout beautiful Colorado.



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